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The Spellbound Group is looking for interns!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Send a cover letter along with your resume to info@thespellboundgroup.com.

Marketing/Social Media Internship assisting a small strategic marketing and brand management team.

Duties will include:
-Managing client online properties and client social media outreach
-Curating and distributing content via selected digital channels
-Creating and executing social media marketing plans to build brand awareness

Required Skills:
-Extensive knowledge of Facebook Pages, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Google Docs
-Experience with Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Word, Excel
-Basic WordPress knowledge
-Some basic Photoshop skills preferred

-Must be able to take constructive criticism.
-Must be able to figure out problems on your own.
-Must be able to work independently. Some days you will be able to work from home, some days you will work in an office.
-Must have your own computer.
-Will provide school credit if needed.
-Will provide $100 monthly stipend for gas.



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Peter Tosh “Can’t Blame The Youth” Campaign

ImageThe Spellbound Group is proud to announce a brand new campaign matching social media with social activism. The Peter Tosh “Can’t Blame The Youth” is about empowering youth to rise up and improve their communities through new programs such as after school sports, music classes, art classes, etc. The Peter Tosh Estate is building on Peter Tosh’s activist legacy and message that the Youth can make change, and improve their lives for everyone. We are activating the Peter Tosh fan community worldwide to effect real change.

The best suggestions will be chosen by the community and our judges from the Peter Tosh Estate to be funded via Crowdrise and a Mobile App launching soon. The winner must provide regular updates on the progress of the project to the Estate and an overseeing partner agency (TBD), with pictures and videos, and the funding will remain in an escrow account until specific spending objectives are submitted and approved. Entrants must be 13 or older. Each submission should include a description of the project, projected costs, and a proposed timeline for execution.

Fundraising activities will include social media outreach, online benefit concerts from contemporary acts, a compilation album created specifically for this purpose, and online and mobile donation platforms.  The campaign will run throughout 2013.

Phase One of the campaign is now open for submissions via PeterTosh.com and Facebook.com/PeterTosh.


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Billboard Covers The Spellbound Group – moderated Panel at Music Biz 2012

Billboard covered our panel on Social Music, Marketing, and Monetization at Music Biz 2012 yesterday, and supplied and excellent roundup here:



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Didn’t I Mention…?

The biggest challenge that a marketer faces in creating brand presence online is balancing brand, voice, and calls to action.  The very most important thing that a brand (band or otherwise) can do is ensure that its social nets, as well as its website, are a destination for repetitive visits;  that fans make following an artist and checking in on their pages part of their daily routine.  In order to do that, content needs to be fresh and engaging.  As a marketer, however, we also need content to be repetitive so that people remember the messages that we wish to convey.  Fans, even the most engaged, need to be reminded that shows are coming up in their town, that there is merchandise for sale, that there is a record to buy.  Not only do they need to be reminded, then they need to be guided to action.  They need to be coaxed into laying down money for that record, in whatever format they choose, to allow the artist to continue to make music as a living.  I often find it ironic that, theoretically, the followers of an artist on Facebook or Twitter likely consider themselves a fan of that artist.  However, there is a vast difference between the number of followers an artist has, and the number of records they’ve sold.  More often than not, it’s an exponentially large gap.  So, our job, as marketers, is to convince that person, who has already identified himself as a fan, to put his money where is mouth is.  To vote, as it were, for this artist to continue to make music.  And to do that, we need to continually remind them to make an action.

The way I look at it is this:  I do not have to donate to a political campaign in order to vote.  I do, however, contribute, regularly, for the candidates in which I believe, in order to hopefully contribute to their success.  We build communities, and then move them to action…and a lot of that will be through repetitive calls to action.  The number one reason people don’t attend shows of the artists they love is because they don’t know about them.  People on my clients pages’ post all the time “when are you coming to ____________?” Despite the fact that all the tour dates are listed on multiple tabs on facebook, on the website, on the last.fm page, the eMusic page, the newsletter, etc, and google is at their fingertips.  How do you constantly remind people of the messages you wish to convey, while not turning them off of your pages?  The pages need to function more like a conversation, and a community to be successful, while also being repetitive and “remindful.   Once you’ve succeeded in that balance, they need to be seductive to encourage action.

Here is the challenge, and I don’t have an answer, but i sure am trying a lot.  What I encourage you to remember is – drop in a reminder.  Don’t be afraid to post about something again…though you might try to switch up the language.  Laugh about it, engage, but remind, remind remind.  There’s a lot going on in the world, and it’s important to give people a little string, as it were, to tie around their finger.  Simply by following your fan has identified interest.  Encourage him to “vote.” And just like politics, find new ways to communicate your “policies” – my record is amazing, I’m going on tour, so buy a record or a ticket.  Be with me. So here we go.  When it comes to modern marketing…engage, seduce, remind.

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