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The Spellbound Group is looking for interns!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Send a cover letter along with your resume to info@thespellboundgroup.com.

Marketing/Social Media Internship assisting a small strategic marketing and brand management team.

Duties will include:
-Managing client online properties and client social media outreach
-Curating and distributing content via selected digital channels
-Creating and executing social media marketing plans to build brand awareness

Required Skills:
-Extensive knowledge of Facebook Pages, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Google Docs
-Experience with Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Word, Excel
-Basic WordPress knowledge
-Some basic Photoshop skills preferred

-Must be able to take constructive criticism.
-Must be able to figure out problems on your own.
-Must be able to work independently. Some days you will be able to work from home, some days you will work in an office.
-Must have your own computer.
-Will provide school credit if needed.
-Will provide $100 monthly stipend for gas.



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Jeff Bullas’ 10 Infographics on Social Media

Everything you ever wanted to know, though admittedly, my brain just exploded a little bit. This is an incredibly useful series of infographics about social media marketing, network specifics, and inbound marketing.  While I don’t completely agree with all of the information (and rarely subscribe to absolutes – TV is dead! Outbound marketing is dead!), there are some interesting insights.  A great example is, (while overused, still relevant), the Old Spice Guy series.  The videos of Isaiah Mustafa are, after all, traditional commercials.  However, the campaign became a runaway success because of the “call-and-response” series of commercials that Wieden + Kennedy created via Youtube last year which sent the campaign into the stratosphere.  It’s the mix of traditional outbound marketing combined with inbound marketing that creates a successful (and ideally, profitable) campaign.  You won’t always be shared to success, but it’s a great goal.


Have a look at the series here.

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