Peter Tosh “Can’t Blame The Youth” Campaign

ImageThe Spellbound Group is proud to announce a brand new campaign matching social media with social activism. The Peter Tosh “Can’t Blame The Youth” is about empowering youth to rise up and improve their communities through new programs such as after school sports, music classes, art classes, etc. The Peter Tosh Estate is building on Peter Tosh’s activist legacy and message that the Youth can make change, and improve their lives for everyone. We are activating the Peter Tosh fan community worldwide to effect real change.

The best suggestions will be chosen by the community and our judges from the Peter Tosh Estate to be funded via Crowdrise and a Mobile App launching soon. The winner must provide regular updates on the progress of the project to the Estate and an overseeing partner agency (TBD), with pictures and videos, and the funding will remain in an escrow account until specific spending objectives are submitted and approved. Entrants must be 13 or older. Each submission should include a description of the project, projected costs, and a proposed timeline for execution.

Fundraising activities will include social media outreach, online benefit concerts from contemporary acts, a compilation album created specifically for this purpose, and online and mobile donation platforms.  The campaign will run throughout 2013.

Phase One of the campaign is now open for submissions via and



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