Watch Daniel Bedingfield’s “Secret Fear” Now


Today, UK pop star Daniel Bedingfield released his latest creative project, a self-directed, NSFW video for his latest single, Secret Fear,
the title track from Daniel’s latest EP. This visually stunning and boundary-testing video finds Daniel and his lover locked in the eternal spin-cycle of yin and yang, opposing force, desire, murder, tenderness, entrapment and escape. This abstract art piece stands alone as a visual work inspired by the song’s dark revelations.  Conceived, directed and produced by Daniel himself, this video is an inspiring example of the artist’s extraordinary ability to carry creative impulses from idea through to execution.

In Secret Fear, his directorial debut, Daniel highlights the inbuilt conflict, the intrinsic clash of natural archetypes; the marked contrast of dark/light skin tones, a rotating glass coffin filled with black water and fire, claustrophobia vs the need for intimacy and parallel themes.

“The greater you love, the more momentum you seem to build up in your collective spin. The closer the two of you get, the more torque you experience as the gravity pulls in around you. The higher you rise together, the deeper you must together descend. If there IS a way off this island, I have not found one. If we chose to enter the arena at all, we may be locked into this never-ending repetition of contrast and balance.”


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