Design for a Legend, Or Two

We’re excited to announce two new incredible opportunities for fans of two legendary artists – The Doors and Rick James.

The Doors celebrate “2012: The Year Of The Doors,” and are giving fans the opportunity to design a logo.  This year marks the 40th Anniversary since the release of the band’s seminal album, L.A. Woman.  To celebrate, Rhino Entertainment is releasing the 40th Anniversary Edition on January 24.  A new documentary about the recording of the album will be available the same day from Eagle Rock Entertainment.  Mr. Mojo Risin‘ features original footage and interviews with the band members. The celebration continues in February with the release of Re:Generation, a new documentary which features 2011 phenom Skrillex collaborating with members of The Doors. Later in 2011, fans will be treated to new live recordings, and other surprises.  Submit your entry for the official logo for “The Year of The Doors” here:

2012 also marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Rick James’ unforgettable funk epic Throwin’ Down. The album features “Dance Wit’ Me,” “Standing On The Top,” and “Hard To Get” among other classics.  To mark the anniversary, The Estate of Rick James has teamed up with Creative Allies to offer fans the opportunity to design a vintage-style t-shirt commemorating Throwin’ Down. So get to it! Enter your design here:


Good luck and have fun!


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