The Parlotones Seduce America…and DirecTV

It takes time to permeate a market, but talent conquers all.  Since the Parlotones first set foot on American shores last September, they have proved to be again and again, not only one of the most talented, but probably the hardest working band in showbusiness right now.  They are in the middle of their third tour of the US, building on the base they built opening for Blue October, and then returning as headliners in the Spring.  As they build their American foundation, they haven’t forgotten the millions of fans back home in South Africa who have carried their career to the biggest audiences in the world, headlining last year’s World Cup Kickoff Concert with Shakira and Alicia Keys.  It is for them that the band have created Dragonflies & Astronauts, a rock opera weaving a narrative through 16 of the band’s hits in their home country.  With acrobats, aerialists, some of the most beautiful costumes created for the stage, and of course, live music from The Parlotones, it is going to be one of the premiere 3D events of the year.  It also happens to be the world’s first multiplatform Live-3D broadcast.  In South Africa, fans who cannot attend the live show in Joburg can buy tickets to watch the broadcast in Nu Metro Cinemas.  In the US, we are absolutely THRILLED to announce that DirecTV will carry both the live 3D and 2D broadcasts from Joburg, at 1 p.m. PST/4 p.m. EST on July 16.  The 3D broadcast will be carried on channel 103, and the 2D on 101, and each channel will re-air the show 80 times in the first eight weeks following the initial performance.  Other territories will have the performance in theaters, on TV, and stay tuned for an announcement of our internet streamcast partner. The stunning visuals in each and every one of The Parlotones music videos to this point indicate how engaging and stunning Dragonflies & Astronauts promises to be.

Beyond the excitement of the potential that this broadcast brings with regards to our American marketing campaign, I think this is another great example of how bands superserve their fans, and The Parlotones do this as well as anyone.  The idea for Dragonflies & Astronauts was launched out of a need to keep their South African fans happy as they went an introduced a record that came out over two years ago at home to new audiences.  This innovative approach to expanding the experience of their catalog has already sold out, and is not only serving existing fans, but will certainly bring in new fans as well.  It also further solidifies that The Parlotones are a lifestyle more than just four guys who play (amazing) music.

More soon as we continue to build the Parlotones Brand in North America – with the release of double SAMA award winner Live Design coming out June 21, Dragonflies & Astronauts July 16, the launch of The Parlotones Wine in the United States late summer, an introduction of Neil’s artwork to the art world and a new tour in the fall, as well as a new album in March of 2012…we’ll have plenty to talk about.

Watch the trailer for Dragonflies & Astronauts here:



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3 responses to “The Parlotones Seduce America…and DirecTV

  1. Chas Everitt

    Superb write up and well deserved! Talented, hard working and all round great guys. SA’s BEST!

  2. Luciana

    Not just a band … but the best band in the world

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