The Virtual World Is Not The Real World…And It Never Will Be.

I read two really thoughtful posts today, neither of which related directly to marketing, but both of which certainly apply.  One was about the lost art of letter writing.  The other was about people who make you successful in your endeavors.  Both are important to remember when you are trying to build a brand – band or otherwise.  Both are about the importance of personal connection, which is ever more important in an age where people think that electronic relationships suffice.  Here’s a shortcut if you don’t have time to read the articles linked above:  they don’t.  Blasting emails and posting status updates is not the same as building a relationship.  Getting out, spending time face to face, writing letters (!!!) makes a huge difference in your personal life.  Guess what – it will make a difference to your fans as well.  Every time you respond personally, they’ll remember it.  Every time you make the effort to accept an invitation, the host remembers it.  When you write a thank you note – a note, that is, not an email, and not an ecard – I guarantee the recipient will remember it, and raise you in his or her esteem just a little bit higher.

Marketing is the same.  The messaging is important, as are reminders (see my previous post.)  But personal connection and effort will maximize those communiques exponentially.  Every time you as a brand representative take the time to talk to a fan, to listen to what they have to say, to give them a photo or a picture or a sample, you are creating a sturdier connection that, like a habit, will be harder to break than a tenuous one created by an anonymous member of your email list.

It’s worth the time.  It’s probably worth the $10,000 you’ll spend on ads, which will have a .01% average click through.  On a certain level, we’ve lost the art of connecting as we’ve refined the art of communicating.  Time to bring it back.  Get off the couch and go out.  Meet people. Talk with them.  Write your fans.  Create an experience…every “remember when…“counts.


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