Post-SXSW Roundup

First day back from SXSW, and Unburied Treasure 2011 was a great success.  First of all, thanks to the folks over at Strike Team Agency for all their help with the production of the show and venue management.  Also thanks to the fine folks at Indiefeed for their help promoting, dedicating podcasts to, and promoting the party, as well as Bands Under The Radar.  We had a great turnout and all the bands were beyond phenomenal.  Make sure to check out Hands, Slow Motion Centerfold, The Rouge, The Hundred Days, and of course, The Parlotones.


The Parlotones made the most of their SXSW, ending up with FIVE full showcases, tons of promo, and participating in SXSW4Japan, to which you can still donate at  There will be a sampler from the show available for purchase on iTunes soon, with proceeds going straight to the citizens of Japan affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

Here are some photos from the week:




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2 responses to “Post-SXSW Roundup

  1. Josh Chambers

    I was running sound for most of your acts that day and I was impressed not only with the music, but also the professional attitude with wich each of the acts approached their performance. All in all it was a great show and I’m glad to have been a part of it.

  2. Josh – you did a great job. Thank you SO much! I know it was a little hectic, but I was really happy with the result.

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